Lack of Self-Control: Will this characteristic cause Donald Trump the presidency?

Self-control; is the ability to control or restrain oneself or one’s action, feelings, etc. At least, this is what defines it to be. I will have to admit that having self-control of one self can be difficult if you have always had the privilege of being privileged. That being said, Donald Trump has lately presented himself as one who lacks self-control, from getting into a verbal tweeting altercation about Megyn Kelley of Fox News, to painting with a broad brush a negative image of the Hispanic community. Can America afford to elect a president with such a characteristic? It really scares me. In order for me to consider my vote and convince others to vote for Mr. Trump, I really will need to know more about Mr. Trump; his genuine feelings about the poor, war, education, jobs, elderly, social security, and a host of other topics that do not get the fanfare or televisions ratings that he is accustom to receiving. In other words, I need Mr. Trump to get real. After reading Wikipedia version of Mr. Trump’s life, I can now say that Mr. Trump has been always lived in the land of plenty, and has been privileged all of his life, making it easy to have little self-control, if any.

The president of the United States has to wear many caps, figuratively speaking. The president must possess the ability to interact with all in order to accomplish problem solving within the nation and abroad. He or she has to be knowledgeable about the world and the happenings that are in it. Most of all, the president must have at all times, self-control. The president cannot get into a twitter rant with world leaders, constituents, or fellow politicians; it is just not the intelligent thing to do, self-control must be practiced during those times that the president gets angry enough to hit someone, cuss someone out, or retaliate with vindictive style revenge. Yes, we are all human; however, we are not all running for president of the United States; self-control is a must for those that are.

Now that I have mentioned the big negative, in my opinion, about Trump, I will now mention the positives that I see with Mr. Trump. First, he is not afraid to debate the issues, maybe not in the conventional sense, but none the less, he is not afraid. Secondly, Mr. Trump is a motivator; he has the passion that can wake up many grassroots movements, if he presents his campaign in a way that is inclusive to those with different views and needs alike. Lastly, he is extremely rich, so he cannot be bought, so the worry of having to scratch someone’s back because they scratched your back; is not there. All of these positives can be an asset and can definitely play a part in my voting strategy. I just need for Mr. Trump to show some self-control, address the issues in an intelligent manner and devise a plan to fix the mess that America is in. Enough talk, and more self-control.